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Advanced Technology

Modern dental technology saves time and provides accurate, reliable results.


We place an emphasis on families - helping everyone maintain healthy smiles!

Same-Day Care

When you need care right away, we offer same-day services for your dental needs.

Enjoy a Confident Smile

Don’t allow a fear of traditional bridges or dentures stop you from achieving the confident smile you deserve. Reach out to our team in Heber City, UT, to learn more about whether or not dental implants are right for you. Implants are anchored in your jaw with tiny metal screws, and you can choose whether or not they are fixed or removable. You can choose to replace just one missing tooth, or your entire mouth.

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Connect with the caring professionals in our Heber City, UT, office. We can help find a time that works for you to meet with the dentist and begin your journey to a new and healthy smile.

Heber Valley Dental has been great for me and my family.
Karen A.
Very nice team! The doctor is very good and makes sure that understand everything that is going to happen.
Laurie S.
Great team, helpful, and knowledgeable. My husband and daughter both go here. We are pleased with the practice!
Catherine M.
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