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Stop Dangerous Gum Recession in its Tracks Without Painful Surgery

Are you suffering from receding gums? Contact our Heber City, UT, team as soon as you can. Receding gums can cause serious health problems, including infection and the loss of your teeth. It’s unfortunate, but true, that by the time most people seek help for receding gums, it’s too late to stem the issue with a deep cleaning or medication. Receding gums can be causes by:

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Call us today to learn more about this simple, pain-free procedure. Our caring, professional team in our Heber City, UT, office will find a time that works for you to discover whether or not this could be the solution to your gum recession problem. 

Heber Valley Dental has been great for me and my family.
Karen A.
Very nice team! The doctor is very good and makes sure that understand everything that is going to happen.
Laurie S.
Great team, helpful, and knowledgeable. My husband and daughter both go here. We are pleased with the practice!
Catherine M.
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